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Paediatric positioning and mobility equipment for everyday eating, learning and discovery.

Made in the USA, the Tumble Forms 2 range features a unique, impermeable, non-stick, seamless coating that is flexible, durable and latex free. It is waterproof, stain, solvent and urine resistant and resists cracking or peeling over an extended period of time. The shapes are made from high density, shock absorbing foam that retains its shape even after long term heavy use. With normal care and respect, the Tumble Forms 2 range will give many years of active service.


Independent sitting enables an individual to engage in a wider range of activities involving varying degrees of hand-eye coordination and allowing for the free use of their hands. Sitting is an essential activity that is an important step in the normal developmental sequence. It requires good head and trunk control, pelvic stability and efficient equilibrium responses.

Deluxe Floor Sitter

The Deluxe Floor Sitter consists of the Feeder Seat and the Floor Sitter Wedge which are purchased separately. The Deluxe Floor Sitter provides positioning control especially for those with developmental delay and cerebral palsy who lack proper sitting balance and head and mouth control. It is excellent for carers because it maintains correct posture in selected positions with minimal supervision.

The Feeder Seat is a simple soft foam positioning seat originally developed for feeding but able to be used for any short term activity in the home, clinic or school. It is a practical alternative to a wheelchair or a stander and allows good basic positioning without complicated adjustments.

• Shoulder slots to allow 100mm of vertical adjustment of the shoulder straps for children of different heights.     
• A contoured interior that has a 90° seat-to-back relationship to provide posturally correct seating.   
• A 45° hip strap and quick release H-belt to help maintain the child’s position.

Choose the Feeder Seat & Floor Sitter Wedge to Make Up a Complete Deluxe Floor Sitter
• The Feeder Seat comes in 4 sizes - Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Refer to the table below for the correct size.
• The Floor Sitter Wedge comes in 2 sizes - One size to fit Small, Medium or Large Feeder Seats and an Extra Large Floor Sitter Wedge for the Extra Large Feeder Seat.

• Both the Feeder Seat and Floor Sitter Wedge are available in Blue or Red so you can mix or match. So when ordering, choose the size and colour of both the Feeder Seat and Floor Sitter Wedge.
Feeder Seat
Floor Sitter Wedge

Adjustable Tray for Deluxe Floor Sitter
Product Name

The Adjustable Tray for Deluxe Floor Sitter  provides a flexible work surface. The non-slip tray is adjustable both in angle and height and features a non-slip surface and rubber feet to prevent it from slipping.

Available in Blue in 2 sizes - one to fit Small, Medium or Large Deluxe Floor Sitter and an X-Large for the Extra Large Deluxe Floor Sitter.


The Jettmobile facilitates the development of upper extremity strength and endurance and incorporates sensory stimulating activity. Helps to develop neck, shoulder and arm muscle coordination while the child advances in an extended position. It has ball castors that are safely concealed by protective fenders and the positioning system is constructed with teal, latex free material that is easy to wipe clean and sanitise with disinfectants. Comes with an abductor wedge, chest wedge, two small positioning half moon shapes and a hip strap. Available in two sizes - Child and Adolescent.

Child's Height: Up to 1020mm Up to 1520mm
Length: 710mm 970mm
Maximum Height: 56kg 90kg


Make bathing more enjoyable and more comfortable for child and caregiver.

Starfish Bath Chair

The Starfish Bath Chair is designed to reach new levels of functionality and ease of adjustability. Angle adjustable legs with articulating back and leg support, offer a range of height and angle positions to make bath time easier and more fun. Only one hand is needed to release the leg and seat locks located on both  sides of the chair making bath time adjustments a breeze. The padded support bars give added positioning comfort.

The aluminium frame is easy to lift and carry and the chair folds flat for convenient storage or transportation. Non-slip foam pads provide secure bath placement for stability and security. The seat features extra soft, breathable mesh material that is removable for machine washing. Adjustable hip belt and chest belt are included to provide secure positioning and optional abduction straps and head laterals are available as accessories. Available in Ocean Blue colour in four sizes based on child's height to accommodate the youngest child through to adolescence. Optional shower base, abduction strap and head lateral strap available separately. Maximum User Weight - 72kg.
Starfish Bath Chair
Size 1: 80cm - 100cm
Size 2: 90cm - 120cm
Size 3: 110cm - 140cm
Size 4: 130cm - 165cm
Optional Accessories

Abduction Strap in 2 sizes: for Size 1 &2 or for Size 3 & 4
Foam Head Laterals in one size

Shower Base for Starfish Bath Chair
The optional shower base easily attaches to the Starfish Bath Chair to provide a strong, stable, manoeuvrable base allowing easy transport. The base brings the child to the ideal height so that the bath chair can  also be used an adjustable shower chair. The trolley has four lockbable castors for safety and security. Available in one size.
Floor to Base Height: 356mm
Width: 533mm
Length: 864mm - 1219mm
Seat Height from Floor: 508mm - 711mm

Code: PAT-921525