Jamar Hydraulic Hand Evaluation Kit, with Carry Case - PAT5030KIT
Jamar Hydraulic Hand Evaluation Kit, with Carry Case

Jamar Hydraulic Hand Evaluation Kit, with Carry Case | Performance Health

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Dec 2022

Essential Tools for Evaluating Hand Trauma

Whether you need to evaluate hand trauma and dysfunction or measure your patient’s progress during rehabilitation, you need these tools. This kit includes a hydraulic hand dynamometer, pinch gauge, and finger goniometer for measuring grip strength, pinch strength, and finger joint range of motion. The needle on both the hand dynamometer and pinch gauge automatically retain the highest reading until reset. It includes all of the essentials for keeping track of your patient’s hand functionality.

Everything Occupational Therapists and CHTs Need for Evaluation

This Evaluation Kit is perfect for occupational therapists, physical therapists, certified hand therapists, IME doctors, and others who treat patients with hand injuries or other hand conditions. The kit includes instructions for measuring hand strength and flexibility. Plus, it includes a carrying case for use on-the-go and a certificate of calibration. The case protects the instruments in the clinic and when you’re out and about.The tolerance for the Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer is +/- 4 pounds and the tolerance for the Pinch Gauge is +/- 2.7 pounds.

3 Piece Jamar Hydraulic Hand Evaluation Kit

Kit includes:

  • Jamar Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer (081028935)
    • The gold standard in hand evaluation, this hand dynamometer features five grip positions from 1.375” to 3.375” to fit your patient’s needs during grip strength evaluation
  • Jamar Hydraulic Pinch Gauge (081187343))
    • This pinch gauge measures finger pinching strength up to 45 pounds
  • Jamar 6” (15cm) Finger Goniometer (081187434)
    • Measure your patient’s finger joint range of motion with this stainless steel goniometer
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