Deluxe Up and Over Stairs with Adjustable Handrail - 670mm - VFP-VSR21

Up and over stairs with adjustable handrail. Solidly constructed. Metal steel frame, white melamine sides and wooden steps. Each step is carpeted to provide a natural feel and appearance. Aluminium nose tread on the leading edge to prevent wear. Rubberised surface option available. Three 16cm high risers on one side leading on to platform 48cm above floor level; 4cm risers on the other.

  • Step Width: 67cm
  • Step Tread: 30cm
  • Platform: 60cm x 67cm
  • Handrails: Stainless steel, adjustable in 8cm increments
  • Dimensions: 77cm (W) x 230cm (L) x 150cm (H)
  • Weight: 90kg (unit can fit through a standard doorway on its side with handles removed), 120kg on pallet (shipping)
Aug 2022
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