Kinetec Kinevia

The Kinetec Kinevia brand is associated with high-quality, active motion therapy products. The Kinevia and Kinevia Duo offer everything that a hospital, clinic or home-user would want from a versatile active passive device with a 5-year mechanical warranty. Simply, the Kinetec Kinevia and Kinevia Duo are the finest passive motion exercise machines in the world.

Product Name

The positive effect of Kinetec Kinevia

Activate muscles. Stabilise joints.

  • Maintain and build muscles
  • Mobilise residual muscle strength
  • Regulate muscle tone and solve spasms
  • Promote mobility and prevent joint stiffness

Promote Health

  • Improve blood circulation in the body
  • Stimulate digestion the natural way
  • Stimulate metabolism
  • Water retention distribution
  • Cardiovascular system boost friendly

Increase joy in life

  • Improve endurance and fitness
  • Increase well-being

Kinetec Kinevia Duo

Kinetec Kinevia Duo in use by female in wheelchair

With options to provide active, passive and assisted therapy, the Kinetec Kinevia Duo can be used to work both upper and lower limbs. It has a 7-inch touch screen display that guides the therapy and it can be easily adjusted for different patients without tools. It comes with a 5 year warranty.


  • A whole-body trainer: The KINETEC KINEVIA DUO features a leg + arm trainer system making it complete rehabilitation device for the whole body. The ingenious rotating system for the arm exerciser will provide excellent comfort to the user during both arm and leg treatment.
  • Training modes for each patient condition: The various training modes available makes it the ideal companion for neurologic and orthopaedic rehabilitation. The pre-programmed trainings feature basic modes (active, passive, assisted, symmetry,) as well as a selection of common pathologies (Parkinson's disease, Multiple sclerosis, cardio etc.)
  • Pre-set programs to guide therapy: The 7-inch touch screen offers a user-friendly interface guiding the patient through the therapy and providing an instant feedback on objectives and results. Combined with the KINETEC KINEVIA COCKPIT software, the device will track patient progress helping the patient management during rehabilitation.
  • Aesthetic design & high-quality materials: The KINETEC KINEVIA DUO offers clean lines, functional design and durable materials to provide the user with the best and safest experience. The 5-year standard warranty supports the quality and reliability of the device.
  • Code: KIN-4665009451

Kinetec Kinevia

Kinetec Kinevia in use by elderly male in chair

The Kinetec Kinevia provides an intelligent exercise therapy system for the lower limbs. With options to provide active, passive and assisted therapy, the Kinetec Kinevia has a 7-inch touch screen display that guides the therapy and it can be easily adjusted for different patients without tools. It comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • Easy adjustments: The KINETEC KINEVIA has been designed to minimise efforts during set up and avoid the use of tools. The exclusive pedal width & radius adjustment will accommodate all types of patients and will maximise their comfort whilst using the equipment.
  • Safety first: Because patient safety is key, the KINETEC KINEVIA will provide through its user-friendly interface different levels of activity according to the patient condition as well as a unique & adjustable spasm control feature.

Typical Applications/ Indications:

    • Multiple sclerosis
    • Stroke (apoplexy, hemiplegia)
    • Paraplegia (Para-/Tetraplegia)
    • Parkinson's disease
    • Polio, post-polio (infantile paralysis and late effects)
    • Muscle disorders (spinal, neural muscular atrophies and muscular dystrophies)
    • Brain injury episodes (craniocerebral trauma, coma vigil)
    • ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, degenerative disease of the motor nervous system)
    • Spastic paralysis
    • Code: KIN-4665009443

Kinetec Kinevia Accessories

Product Name


The Handfix has been designed to work in conjunction with the Kinetec Kinevia Duo enabling the patient to keep their hands supported in place when using the arm exerciser. Available in three sizes.

Product Name

Calf Supports (pair)

The calf supports enable a more controlled and supported option for the lower limbs, enabling the patient to keep their legs comfortably in place during exercise.

Code: KIN-4665009477
Product Name

Anti-fall brackets

The Anti Fall Brackets are used to hook a wheelchair into place, where the Kinevia can be controlled from.

Code: KIN-4665009500
Product Name

Arm Guidance Supports (pair)

Arm guidance supports (pair), to position the hand in place while exercising

Code: KIN-4665010119