Dycem products are indispensable for independent living, occupational therapy and care-giving.

Dycem Non-Slip products have been specially designed to address stabilisation and gripping problems found around the home, in care homes and in hospitals. They are completely non-toxic, latex free and long-lasting. With award-winning products there is a Dycem product to suit everyone's needs.


Independent living and self-sufficiency are easier to achieve thanks to Dycem. As the superior antislip manufacturer on the market, Dycem products can greatly improve stability, positioning and a weakened grip.

Around the home

  • Dycem Non-Slip products can be used throughout the home to carry out daily living tasks. For those with a weakened grip, Dycem bottle and jar openers help with opening tight lids. Non-Slip Anchorpads and coasters are available in a variety of sizes to use as placemats to make eating easier and to stabalise cups. 
  • In your bedroom or to line shelves, Dycem non-slip mats help secure items and can even be used to stop pillows slipping under a backrest.
  • Dycem Sure Grip Tape is extremely versatile and can be used around grip bars and rails for extra grasp.
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Wrap Dycem non-slip strips around grip bars, grab rails and zimmer frame handles for extra grasp.

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If you have a weakened grip, open tight jar lids and bottle tops with ease using Dycem.

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Dycem placemats and coaster are great when dining. Use Dycem non-slip mats to prevent appliances from sliding.

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Also try placing underneath your chair seat and lap tray, to prevent any slipping.

Dycem is used in a variety of ways by both occupational and physical therapists:

  • Using Dycem as a marker on the floor for patients to walk in tandem gait
  • Placing under a patient transfer sliding board
  • Using on parallel bars to provide extra grip, stability and visual markers
  • Using Dycem to keep hold of patients when mobilising, providing excellent grip for hard to hold onto areas.
  • Using Dycem reel material on grab bars for transfers
  • Using on beds and under pillows to prevent slipping and help with positioning
  • Using Dycem for upper extremity weight baring exercise to help hands to stay in place
  • Lining finger splints
  • Placing on various physical therapy exercise balls for extra grip