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The SaeboStep consists of a lightweight, uniquely designed foot drop brace that provides convenience and comfort while offering optimum foot clearance and support during walking. The SaeboStep was designed to replace uncomfortable, stiff, or bulky splints that go inside the shoe as well as poorly manufactured braces designed for outside of the shoe that lack support and durability.

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SaeboStep Features & Benefits

Anatomy of the SaeboStep Device, including customised sizing, Fibre-infused nylon buckle, breathable perforations, contoured comfortable fit, Hypalon reinforcement, BOA technology, Spectra cord, Stainless steel hooks, and hook & loop strap

Key Components

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Strong durable spectra cord easily slips onto included eyelet attachments and lifts the foot quickly and easily.

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The revolutionary BOA dial technology allows individuals to quickly customise the lift angle required for safe foot clearance during walking.

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Hook and loop velcro strapping system and nylon buckle secures the device to the ankle.

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Conveniently release tension as needed with the simple to use dial technology.

Foot Drop. What is it and how does it affect your recovery?

Foot drop, also known as dropped foot or drop foot, is the inability to raise the front part of the foot due to weakness or paralysis of the muscles that lift the foot (National Institute of Neurological Disorders).

Consequentially, people who have foot drop scuff their toes along the ground; they may also bend their knees to lift their foot higher than usual to avoid the scuffing, which causes what is called a "steppage" gait.

What Causes Foot Drop?


Nerve injury

Most commonly, foot drop is caused by an injury to the peroneal nerve. The peroneal nerve is a branch of the sciatic nerve that wraps from the back of the knee to the front of the shin. Because it sits very close to the surface, it may be damaged easily.


Muscle disorders

Conditions that cause the muscles to progressively weaken or deteriorate may cause foot drop. Disorders may include muscular dystrophy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's disease) and polio.


Brain or spinal disorders

Neurological conditions can contribute to foot drop. Conditions may include stroke, multiple sclerosis (MS), cerebral palsy and Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease.

Managing Foot Drop

Recovery depends on the cause of foot drop and how long you've had it. In some cases it can be permanent. There are steps you can take to help support your foot and improve walking ability.

Foot Drop Treatment Options Include:

  • Therapy to strengthen your foot, ankle and lower leg muscles
  • Wearing a brace or ankle-foot orthosis to support your foot in a normal position
  • Functional electrical stimulation can help lift the foot during mobility
  • Surgery to fuse the ankle or foot bones may be possible in severe or long-term cases

Why use the SaeboStep?

Learn more about Saebo Products

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Walk in comfort. A safe, sturdy and stylish way to overcome foot drop. Eliminates stiff, bulky splints inside your shoe. Works with all your favourite shoes.

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With a lightweight and low profile design, the SaeboGlove is the premiere functional solution for impaired hand function.

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With three interchangeable, spring-loaded plates to allow individuals suffering from spasticity to stretch comfortably and safely.

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SaeboStim Micro

Boost arm and hand recovery through sensory electrical stimulation (SES). Improve function, weakness and spasticity.

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SaeboMAS/SaeboMAS mini

Our zero-gravity mobile arm support assists the weakened shoulder with functional activities and therapeutic exercises.

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Our original ground breaking design is still the first choice of patients with limited hand function and increased tone.

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SaeboMyoTrac Infiniti

Delivers stimulation to the targeted muscles based on the client's own voluntary effort. Ideal for foot drop as well as arm and hand deficits.

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A rehabilitation gaming workstation for patients with impaired arm and hand function. Designed for both in-clinic and in-home use.

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Testimonials & Patient Stories

Image of male providing testimonial

Pao Thao The SaeboGlove gave him back hope, purpose and a return to life.

On Mar 22, 2014 at 42 years of age, Pao experienced a sudden onset of right-sided weakness and loss of ability to speak intelligibly. A CT scan confirmed he had a brain haemorrhage. At that time, Pao had a wife, 6 children, and a full-time job managing a department. He...

Image of female providing testimonial

The results are phenomenal…my clients can see that they themselves are accomplishing tasks.

Over the years, working as an occupational therapist, I have watched more than a dozen clients progress with the use of the SaeboGlove and the SaeboFlex. My clients love the SaeboGlove. The feedback I receive and the results are phenomenal. The glove is lightweight and the rubber fingertips enable my...

Image of male providing testimonial

I am very pleased with the results that I have gotten in such a short period of time

I am 43 years old and was recently the victim of severe stabbing. My forearm was cut all the way to the bone, severing two of the three major nerves in my arm. If it hadn't been for the kindness of a stranger, I would have bled to death

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The Saebo Story

In 2001, two occupational therapists had one simple, but powerful goal - to provide neurological clients access to transformative and life changing products.

At the time, treatment options for improving arm and hand function were limited. The technology that did exist was expensive and inaccessible for home use. With inadequate therapy options often leading to unfavourable outcomes, health professionals routinely told their clients that they have "reached a plateau" or "no further gains can be made". The founders believed that it was not the clients who had plateaued, but rather their treatment options had plateaued.

Saebo's commitment - "No Plateau in Sight" - was inspired by this mentality; and the accessible, revolutionary solutions began.

Saebo's revolutionary product offering was based on the latest advances in rehabilitation research. From the SaeboFlex which allows clients to incorporate their hand functionally in therapy or at home, to the SaeboMAS, an unweighting device used to assist the arm during daily living tasks and exercise training, "innovation" and "affordability" can now be used in the same sentence.

Over the last ten years, Saebo has grown into a leading global provider of rehabilitative products created through the unrelenting leadership and the strong network of clinicians around the world. As we celebrate our history and helping more than 100,000 clients regain function, we are growing this commitment to affordability and accessibility even further by making our newest, most innovative products more accessible than ever.